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For Teachers

Thank you, fellow teachers for visiting. I hope to provide you with resources and motivation to teach ethics in your classes. I think you'll find that once you start thinking in this way, it is easier to come up with lessons of your own.

I have only begun posting lesson plans, so I appreciate your patience. I work alone on this project, in my spare time outside of a busy teaching schedule--I'm sure you know how it is!

Below, I have provided links to lessons and readings you may want to use. I recommend you start the whole process by reading the short essay that I wrote, explaining why I think teaching ethics is so important. You can find that article under the "For Teachers" tab above. You can also find out more by exploring the entire Revolution Ethics Project site.


Stanley Hauerwas "A Pacifist Response to 9/11" A pacifist reflection on America's response to 9/11

William Sloane Coffin "The Spiritual and the Secular: Can they meet?" Coffin's installation speech in which he discusses "wonder, anger, and love" as the key to good education

Dorothy Day "The Catholic Worker" The Catholic Worker website which contains much of what Ms. Day wrote about labor, injustice, women's rights, and spirituality

Peter Singer "The Singer Solution to World Poverty" Singer makes a very controversial argument claiming that you are partly responsible for world poverty

David Foster Wallace "This is Water" Wallace's famous commencement speech from 2005 Kenyon College Commencement