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     Revolution Ethics Project is a place to talk about ethics, values, being your best self, living a good life, and what we owe our neighbors. We practice radical hospitality--as long as everyone is safe, everyone is welcome. 

A typical discussion might start with a philosopher like Simone Weil, St. Augustine, Howard Thurman, or Martin Buber. We might ponder a question like "are there moral absolutes?" Or we could examine the life of a contemplative and see how it can change the way we might live our lives. We might critique Marxism, Anarchism, and Neoliberalism.

Most important, Rev is a place to be together as we try to bring about a revolution of the heart. There is space for you. 

The Virtue Field


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The Virtue Field is a podcast about ethics. It starts with the premise that ethics can only be understood in the context of someone's life. Each season we follow the story of a "moral hero" in order to rescue ethics from pure academia and put into a context.

The first season of the Virtue Field is title "American Moses." It follows the story of the great Harriet Tubman, revealing a life that was fully dedicated to justice, to other people, and to holiness.

The Virtue Field is available wherever you get your podcasts. Here are some links:

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