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"The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness of the interdependence of all these living beings, which are all part of one another, and all involved in one another."--Thomas Merton
September 2019 -- Our Tenth Year!
This week we will start our 10th year of Revolution Ethics! I really appreciate all of the support, financial backing, and enthusiasm that you have shown over the years. We couldn't do this without you. As usual, we will meet regularly on Wednesdays at 6:30pm at Monadnock Hospital, conference room 1.
I don't want to make too many promises, but some of the goals driving us this year include finishing the student manifesto, writing and publishing more, delving into spirituality (and a spiritual retreat!), reading holy texts, and getting back to our philosophical roots. I also would love to start a regular Rev meeting for "adults"--to satisfy popular demand.
Keep hope alive, my friends.
March of 2018--Taking Action
Spurred on by the gun violence in this country, Revolution students are ihntent on taking action. We have a number of differnt ideas swirling in our heads and a number of different endeavors under way. In addition to promoting civic dialogue, Revolution students have more plans to take action. We have begun writing our "manifesto" and have hopes of getting it published. Students plan to attend gun control demonstrations in US cities. We have begun to speak about mindfulness and have practiced meditation at Rev meetings. We have sought the help of the League of Women Voters, Dan Weeks, and local experts who can help us. There is a lot going on!
Fall 2017 to Winter 2018
It has been a difficult year for America and the world. The Revolution students are particularly concerned about the decline of civic dialogue. We seem to distrust each other, our institutions, and the truth. Revolution students want to fight this by bringing back dialogue and renewing faith in the democratic process. It takes work. It takes hope. It takes faith. We have been in touch with experts who are going to help us develop a series of community dialogues. In the process, we hope to bring people together and remind us all that this is our world, that the truth matters, and that our political opponents are adversaries, not enemies. Stay tuned for more information about civic dialogue!
Exciting New Things...Spring of 2017
We have just completed our first-ever fund drive and I am humbled and grateful for the outpouring of support. I hope to expand programs, bring in some new resources, bring in guest speakers, and embark on service trips. It is an exciting time for Revolution Ethics, and I hope you want to be a part of it.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer
A Revolution of the Spirit...
There are few places left where we can truly be ourselves and come to discover our true spirit. For some of us, religion has lost its meaning, yet we desperately want the kinds of experiences religious communities offer. Amidst the cynicism of the world, we still have hope--yet we don't have a way to express that hope. Our churches and schools don't necessarily speak to us, yet with still have faith, and we still want to learn. We long for a community in which we feel safe, we are challenged, and we work together to give meaning to the world.
The Revolution Ethics Project conducts seminars for people of all ages who want to see the world anew and make the world a better place.  Led by facilitator/instructor Eric Bowman, the group meets for reading, hearty discussion, intellectual growth and spiritual renewal. Studying some history, philosophy, religion, and literature, we look at current social issues, ethical scenarios, and our own attitudes in an attempt to bring about meaningful change in the world.

The next leaders of society will not just be cunning businessmen or ambitious politicians—they will be hopeful, thoughtful, kind-hearted people. These leaders need a place to foster their hope and feed their spirit. The Revolution offers them this. 



2016 Academic Year

The 2016 academic year is here. We will be starting our meetings again on Wednesday, September 7 at 6:30pm in conference rooms 1 & 2 at Monadnock Hospital. Meetings are open to anyone and I encourage you to bring friends!

This year, our theme will be telos--Greek for "ultimate objective" or "final aim." It is a term used in philosophy to discuss our purpose in life, or our "end." Too often we float through our day, accepting challenges as they come without thinking about who we want to be or what we want the world to be. This year in our Revolution seminars, we will try to build the case that humans are goal oriented or "end oriented"...meaning we have a telos. This concept is very important when trying to understand virtue ethics. Think about what your telos is. How can live a life of purpose? In what way is our life on earth oriented towards an ultimate end? I will see you Wednesday evenings!

Spring/Summer 2016: New Initiatives

This spring we began a number of new initiatives designed to reach more people and do more good works. In May, Revolution students Meghan Close, Jess Nerz, and Steph Leandri began a series of discussions designed for young women. These conversations allow a safe place for young women to discuss the issues they face. Some have called this "Girls' Club" but it really has no formal name yet. They meet every other week; it is completely run by students (no adults, no men allowed) and they design their own conversations. It has been particulary helpful to young women who are headed off to college, as they deal with different kinds of challenges and threats. It has allowed young women to hear from those closest to their experience.

In addition, we will be working with the Souhegan High School ethics forum to develop an event designed to raise funds for the Hope for Gus foundation. Our first meeting is on July 20, so we will have more to report soon.

Fall 2015: A Revolution of the Spirit

Join us as we embark on our 5th academic year. Starting on Wednesday, September 16 at 6:30pm, the Revolution will begin an academic year dedicated to a revolution of the spirit. This means an increased emphasis on encountering our own selves, developing the spirit, and delving into subjects traditionally reserved for religions. We will not be afraid. I hope you will join us.


Summer 2015: Revolution: Faith

This past spring, we launched our first Revolution: Faith conversation. Revoluiton: Faith conversations will include Bible study, scriptures from other world religions, discussions about prayer and spirituality, and a genuine exploration of issues of faith. Through this, we hope to add a more intentionally religious and spiritual dimension to the Revolution. This may not be for everyone; those not inclined towards religion can certainly opt not to attend. However, we feel it is important not to shy away from religion simply from fear of offending someone. One of the objectives of the Revolution is to offer spiritual growth. We hope to add more of that in the coming year.

A few years ago, a Revolution member commented that "the Revolution is like my church." This is a great complement, in my opinion. I grew up religious but without a church--I still feel that way sometimes. My goal for this year is unapologetically seem more like a faith community (in all the best ways). This doesn't mean dogma, doctrine, and ritual. I doesn't mean exclusivity. Atheists and humanists--nothing will really change for you and you're just as welcome as always. But for those looking for something like a faith community, I think you'll like where we're headed.

January 2015: Taking (Political) Action

This has been an active month, politically, for members of the Revolution Ethics Project.  A week ago two members of the group joined the New Hampshire Rebellion walk for campaign finance reform. Also this month, the entire Revolution group has been involved in a push to increase student involvement in local government. They have launched an initiative to get as many students as possible to the ConVal school board meetings. On Saturday, January 31, these students will lead the charge at the ConVal district Deliberative Session. It has been refreshing to see such politically active adolescents.

All of this is part of our push to get Revolution participants to take action. This year, each student will be completing his/her own action plan, putting the content of the Rev into meaningful civic action. Whether it is political mobilization, volunteering, fundraising or creating a new program, you will likely see Rev students completing a lot of good works this coming spring.

November 2014: Revolution to Present at National Council for the Social Studies

On Saturday November 22, Bowman and some of the Revolution students will be presenting at the National Council for the Social Studies. It is quite an honor to have our proposal accepted by the Council. We will be sharing our ideas with social studies teachers from around the country at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. You can see the description of our presentation at the NCSS website or right here

Fall 2014:  Revolution Ethics Project, Academic Year 3--Are We Still of Any Use?

As we enter our third annual academic year, the Revolution Ethics Project asks: Are We Still of Any Use? This question comes from Dietrich Bonhoeffer's famous Christmas letter to his followers titled "After 10 Years." In the letter, Bonhoeffer rhetorically asks his followers if they can continue the fight for justice and peace. "We have been silent witnesses of evil deeds; we have been drenched by many storms; we have learnt the arts of equivocation and pretence; experience has made us suspicious of others and kept us from being truthful and open; intolerable conflicts have worn us down and even made us cynical. Are we still of any use?" Are we still  prepared to stand firm and do God's work, even in the face of unspeakable evil? Do we have the energy to prevail, even though we have been worn down, or are distracted by our own needs? Have we learned the art of equivocation only to fall  back on it forever?

Our lives are not nearly as tragically endangered as Bonhoeffer's. But the question he poses is still relevant. Will we, the Revolutionaries, make ourselves useful? Will we do God's work even when faced with distraction, selfishness, our own demons, and seemingly endless injustices? We shall see. The Revolution will begin its 3rd academic year on Wednesday, October 1 at 6:30pm in Conference Room 1 at Monadnock Hospital. Old members and prospective new ones are welcome to join. Peace.