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I would love to help you with your teaching. If you would like me to visit your school or run an ethics seminar for some of your students, please contact me. I do this on my own time outside of school, so it will have to fit a tight schedule. However, it is very much a possibility. We can discuss fees on a case by case basis. Just contact me!


Eric Bowman

(603) 562-5197

I strive to be student-centered. That means a lot of dialogue and discussion, active reading and personal reflection. I can help you mold your existing content or could lead discussion in traditional ethics topics--capital punishment, medical ethics, war and violence, abortion, poverty, and more. I can also lead seminars on religion and spirituality and philosophy. I have some hands-on, real-world applications that I can share with you--ideas to get students engaged in working to make the world anew. I also have assessment ideas that I can share with you. In addition to reading, writing, and thinking skills, we can work to help students develop their values and take a role in changing the world.

summer 2014 group