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Revolution/Civic Leadership Foundation Partnership, 2012-2013

We have completed our first year partnership with the Civic Leadership Foundation in Chicago (visit their website at Through this partnership, Revolution Ethics Project offered a 10 month program on moral leadership that culminated in a real life, hands-on project.
After  several sessions much like the usual Revolution Ethics curriculum the students engaged in an actual project designed to make an impact in the world. The project was selected, planned, executed and presented by the students. The project is in process right now and will be launched in the coming month. Think of a global, national, state or local issue that you want to address--this could be the basis of our next initiative!
The curriculum for this partnership revolved around ethics, morality, philosophy and religion, history and politics. However, it should not just be academic--our objective is to use our knowledge to bring about change. We will also learn how to organize, fund, and administer an organization. The beauty of this project is that it is largely created by the participants and thus the outcome is in our own control.

Current ConVal students may apply for ELO or internship credit if they wish and I'd be happy to sign off for you. This is an experience that could be invaluable to your college/career planning. And for those of you who feel a responsibility to make the world a better place, here is your cance to act on it!